One Future.

The GreenDreamz Song School mission is to provide environmental songwriting and music classes worldwide for students who would like to make music that helps make our planet a better place -- so its people and lifeforms can keep having fun.

Guitar and Ukulele :: GreenDreamz Song School makes it fun and easy to learn how to play the guitar, ukulele and other stringed instruments. Stele (in Boulder) uses alternative tunings to help guitar and ukulele beginners get playing fast, it's a fun way to learn theory.

Songwriting :: Let's write some songs for the life and from the heart for the biosphere. Stele has found that even non-musicians have a song idea and lyrics inside that have the potential to make a difference.

Voice :: Voice lessons to get most out of your *pipes*. Stele use some often overlooked voice tools to help you polish your pitch sense and timbre.

Theory :: Theory studies can be a thrilling journey -- and almost instantly gives one more freedom. Stele says, "like a spice, even short and sweet theory work can make a big diff in one's music".

Keyboard :: Groovy piano and keyboard lessons for beginners to advanced.

Performance :: Learn and practice some of the tricks that make for a good show - in class and on stage. With or without a microphone.

Recording :: Record, edit and upload your or others' songs. Music video recording and editing too.

PR and Biz :: Work on your PR materials, biz strategy and videos to get more people listening to your recordings and songs. Upload your work to your music website, facebook and beyond.

Honors :: GreenDreamz honors students who record and upload their songs for the world with an achievement letter. Plus, they get a chance to win some cool stuff and $$.

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Dreams... of millions of people listening to eco love songs that inspire them to take specific eco actions for our superb planet. Songs that inspire them to bike, volunteer, drive less (or not at all) and live more simply so we may all have a healthier and happier Earth to live on.

Dreams... of thousands of businesses hearing rad eco love songs that inspire them to take specific eco actions for our exquisite Earth. Songs that get them to offset the carbon footprint of their businesses, sell sustainable products and make their operations eco ethical.

Dreams... of billions of eco actions and choices made in an ecological society because of the thousands of sweet eco love songs that talk about the crucial and priceless outcomes of specific eco actions people and businesses can take.

GreenDreamz Song School calls on our songwriters and songwriters around the world to write eco love songs that invite, ask, request and challenge people and businesses to take eco actions today.

To fully empower these songs, GreenDreamz Song School suggest or can help songwriters compose songs that illustrate the positive and romantic cause and effect of these specific eco actions on our lives, on the lives of those we love and on other lifeforms.

Here are some of the groups that we are at times writing songs for. Green Dreamz can help you write and/or record a song for one of these organizations' projects if you would like.

Sierra Club
Wilderness Society
Sea Shepherd
World Wildlife Federation
Union of Concerned Scientists
Environmental Defense
The Nature Conservancy
Earth Island
Carbon Fund

For all the life, Stele Ely
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GreenDreamz songwriting workshops / performances are a good way to get adults, students and teachers to work together to protect habitat, keep our air and water clean, stop global warming and promote school spirit.

Contact us for club and school materials, or to have us perform and teach a songwriting workshop for your group.

GreenDreamz Song School also has a fundraising project for schools or clubs that use the songs that students write and record. Contact Stele at
greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com or 72O.34O.8O8O for info.

Students are invited to post their songs and related media on GreenDreamz facebook and The coolest songs and videos will put in our News column and newsletter.

Art, photography and media students can also help by designing art and producing videos for the GreenDreams songs that students write and/or record.

Plus, EarthE Honors is a sister project that students, teachers and others in environmental education can use for Clubs and environmental awards.
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> Join our Green Dreamz Facebook page to connect other GDz.

> Signup for the Greentopia / GreenDreamz Song School Newsletter -- monthly eco tunes and update.

> Students are invited to post their GreenDreamz songs, music videos and art on the GreenDreamz on facebook page and

> GreenDreamz Song School suggested songwriting ideas this month are found on the energy and climate change pages of The Sierra Club and

> Artists, photographers and media-makers are needed to create enviro art and video for the GreenDreamz music the students and teachers make. Contact us for assignments.

> How about a global GreenDreamz concert or open mic on the 4th Saturday of each month? Tell us on Facebook where your GreenDreamz concert/ party/ dance is going to be.
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Join the GreenDreamz Song School on facebook to connect with others and to post your songs, videos and ideas. >>

Subscribe to the Greentopia / GreenDreamz Song School Newsletter for monthly environmental songs, videos and humor. >>

Contact us with your questions and ideas.

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Our Green Dreamz Team page lists some of us who are working (or have worked) on the GreenDreamz initiative.

join the Green Dreams Song School for your mama planet Contact us to contribute your musical and teaching talents to GreenDreamz. We are looking for qualified musicians worldwide to tutor and start classes for students who want to write and/or perform environmental music to keep our planet Earth livable and fun.

We also have the need for a few folks who work in communications, psychology, language, business, arts, tech or science. More >>.

GreenDreams will work with teachers for students who want to intern and get school credit.
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Donate or make an in-kind contribution to keep the GreenDreamz Song School going. Your awesome monetary contributions can be made via Paypal or check. We promise to make every dollar work for the people and the biosphere.

In kind donations for operations or our online auctions are welcomed too.

Those who contribute $25 or more will receive a Green Dreamz gift or a percentage of the copyright of one of Stele's or other songs.

EmaiI us, call us at 3O3.818.5199, or go to our donation page to contribute. >> Make payments via  PayPal - it's free and secure.

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  Music. People. Planet.

GreenDreamz Song School is a place for youngsters, grownups, musicians and non-musicians to explore, create and record music for the benefit our biosphere, humankind and other critters.

GreenDreamz Song School believes that everyone who deeply loves this planet has a song inside that has the potential to help make our planet a better place. We want to help musicians and non-musicians find those songs, record the songs, and get those songs out to help inspire eco actions around the world.

GreenDreamz teachers offer tutoring, classes, workshops and shows to help lovers of the Earth develop their inner eco music potential via songwriting, instrument instruction (including guitar, keyboard and fiddle), voice and performance coaching.

GreenDreamz single or multi day tutoring, classes and workshops can come to you, your college, K-12 class or group.

Stele Ely, is the main teacher at GreenDreamz Song School in Boulder Colorado. So far, the Boulder school only has two instructors, Stele Ely and Chance Nblack.

If you are not in Boulder, contact us and we will try to find a green music teacher in your area that will tutor or start a class.

Stele Ely
GreenDreamz Teacher
Whether a person wants to help our planet by writing their own eco tunes or by performing the eco tunes written by others, GreenDreamz Song School aims to make it a reveling and magical journey.

For songwriters, we can help you get your creative eco muse on. Whether the song form is a love song, a life song, a pure environmental song and/or a future song, we want to help you write, polish and perform that world changing song that is inside of you.

Stele Ely and other instructors will help you learn to play that guitar, teach you some cool music theory that will make it all easier, and give you feedback when appropriate.

Teacher Stele dressed
up as XOEarth Man.
One of the looks
for the kid's classes.
We can also help you record your song -- and maybe do a video -- so you can get it out for the world, your friends and others to enjoy. We want to help your song -- or spoken word -- inspire at least two or three people, and maybe inspire thousands, to make choices and take actions in their lives that will make our Earth a better place.

So contact Stele Ely at
greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com or call 3O3.818.5199 today so we can get that song that's in your heart out to the world -- and have fun while we are at it.

Notes:: Some Boulder Colorado classes are held at Stele's home on Stanford Ave. The little *recording studio* is in the living room. Inside and outside there are nice places to study music and write an eco tune that might help millions on our blue orb.

If you are not in the Boulder area, aspects of Stele's songwriting help and instruction can be done by phone, skype or email. Lessons can be taught at your place as well.

And even if you are non-musical, and you don't want to sing, and you don't want to perform, your spoken word with a music backdrop might work well too. Stele has helped numerous non-musicians manifest the beautiful words that were waiting inside. So non-musicians, give your inner GreenDreamz a chance, for the planet's sake.

Lesson fees include the GreenDreamz Songbook, chai tea and smoothies.
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One-to-one lessons from Stele and other GreenDreamz Song School instructors are mighty fine. Tutor sessions are a fun and fast way to get going to the next level in your life music journey -- for the beginner or the pro.

Stele's tutoring sessions have shown that everyone has a song inside or a way to help make the music our world needs.

We can come to your location, if you prefer.

Tutoring is $25 per hour. First three lessons are $15 per hour.

Contact Stele at 3O3.818.5199 or greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com to schedule or for more info.
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Imagine an music class where learning and sharing takes place within a dynamic circle of community who's primary goal is to help each other write, arrange, record and promote songs and videos that will help make our priceless Earth a better place.

Classes will be announced on our GreenDreamz Song School facebook page. We have not set the dates for the next class yet. What would be the best dates and times for you?

Green Dreamz single or multi day classes can come to you, your classroom or group.

Classes are $15 per hour. First two classes are $10.00 per hour.

Contact Stele at 3O3.818.5199 or greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com to make your request and for more info.
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GreenDreamz Song School workshops can be half day, full day or several day get togethers. Join us for one of these deeper, hands-on exploration of environmental and sustainability songwriting and music studies.

Let's connect to the creative source of music and to each other and to the needs of our biosphere. Students can create, hone and share their songs during a workshop that offers a safe and supportive space.

Workshops will be announced on our Green Dreamz Facebook page.

We have not set a date for the next workshop. When would you like to come to a workshop?

GreenDreamz Song School single or multi day workshops can come to you, your classroom or group, if you prefer.

Contact Stele at 3O3.818.5199 or greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com for workshop info and prices.
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The GreenDreamz and GreenBeanz shows from Boulder are a lot of fun because they are part performance and part song school.

The same musicians may play in both shows. The GreenDreamz band does some songs that are a little more serious and classy. The GreenBeanz band does more songs that are funnier and good for the kids in all of us.

Sometimes the both bands play at the same time. Then it's like two shows in one because the GreenDreamz band performs first, then the band does a little costume change, and comes back as the GreenBeanz band for the next part way the show.

The GreenBeanz band plays tunes that go well for K-12 classrooms and events. The GreenDreamz + GreenBeanz shows in Boulder Co are put on by Stele, the GreenBeanz band of Boulder and other guest musicians.

GreenDreamz and GreenBeanz shows include a little bit of song school as the audience is invited to help write some of the lyrics of the songs played.

Shows will be announced on our Green Dreamz facebook page.

Contact Stele at 3O3.818.5199 or greentopia(et)yahoo(dat)com to schedule a show or for more info.
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GreenBeanz is the song school for young people (K-12) and is part of the GreenDreamz Song School.

GreenBeanz lessons can help young people (and adults) write and perform green songs that are good for the kid in all of us.

GreenBeanz is also the name of the band that performs for young people. These shows are put on by Stele, the GreenBeanz Band of Boulder, and other guest musicians. More about the GreenBeanz band is in Show section.

And, GreenBeanz is also the nickname we have for GreenDreamz Song School students that have recorded and uploaded their first eco tune - whether or not they wrote the song.
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We want to honor every GreenDreamz Song School student that records and uploads their songs for the world to hear. So, we send a GreenDreamz Song School achievement letter to GreenDreamz Song School students who post a link to their uploaded song on GreenDreamz Song School facebook.

There are several good places online where students can upload songs. GreenDreamz Song School can help with those account setups and uploads.

Plus, every time a student posts a song to GreenDreamz Song School facebook, they get a chance to win XOEarth Man's cape, cool stuff and even some $.

GreenDreamz students are also encouraged to use their music to honor friends and businesses for their environmental choices and actions. Performing a song, sending a link to a song a student has recorded, or even improvising songs are good ways to thank someone for their eco actions.

Students can also challenge friends and others to take environmental actions then honor their successes with a song or even a little concert. >>

Check out for some eco tunes to perform for a friend or a biz with a message saying, "here's a tune to thank you for your eco action(s)." has even more ways to use your GreenDreams music to honor others' eco actions.
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